It is impossible to imagine human being as a distinct creature than other creatures in the absence of communication and information. To express and exchange their thoughts, feelings, experiences, information human beings have developed different means of communications like pictures, statue, sound, word, and script and successfully developed the modern means of communication as a result reached to the age of electronic means of communication. Because of the rapid development in the field of communication, the whole universe has converted into a tiny part of a community. Consequently, Radio has been established as an effective means of communication in our society. Taking into consideration to the contribution, of radio, Radio Lumbini has been established in order to provide education, information as well as entertainment to the people living in Lumbini Zonal area.


Radio Lumbini is the first radio outside Kathmandu valley, which is totally run by the local initiatives i.e. by farmers, industrialists, educationists, lawyers, businessmen, teachers, journalists etc. It was established on 10th February 2000. It is the first cooperative radio in the South Asia run by Lumbini Information and Communication Cooperative Ltd. It is totally responsible towards the society and community.

The demand of the age is to explore the inherent knowledge, skill and other possibilities and to utilize them properly. Similarly, to protect, to continue as well as to flourish our traditional values, to inspire the people to improve the flaws and weaknesses gradually and to end the increasing absurdity, escapism and negativity is the sole aim of the society. To make aware people of the above-mentioned negative attitudes, it is necessary to have discussion. So, Radio Lumbini will pay its attention to put an end of these negative feelings. On the other hand, this radio will focus to unearth the identification of the people of Terai especially minority, schedule caste of Rupandehi, Kapilvastu and Nawalparasi and to explore and develop the inner capabilities of the people living in this area. To fulfill the aim, Radio Lumbini will be a very powerful means of communication.


Radio is regarded as the modern source means of knowledge and Science. It is the major source of information, education and entertainment in our country where more than sixty per cent people are illiterate. In such a dire situation of illiteracy, Radio Lumbini has determined the following objectives to awaken the conscience of the common folk dwelling in this area:

  • To implant the social awareness in the field of information, education and entertainment;
  • To help to bring social and economic change;
  • To arise the voice of women advocacy, children, aged people and deprived group as well as the voice of disabled people;
  • To keep close relationship with digitally divided people through ICT (Information communication and Technology) centre;
  • To develop listener club to increase the feeling of co operation;
  • To encourage the rural brilliance;
  • To make every citizen responsible and involve him/her in the field of construction and development;
  • To arise conscience among people in the field of education, health, environment, sustainable development, human rights, nutrition, sanitation as well as community awareness;
  • To identify the modern agricultural technology, animal husbandry and the alternative sources of income;
  • To inform the industrial, commercial, cultural, educational and civic activities of this area;
  • To introduce, protect and flourish the dialects, culture, child literature and folk traditions that are prevalent in this area;
  • To arise the feelings of mutual co-operation, friendship and fraternity among the people of different castes, language, religion and culture;
  • To broadcast the co-operative feelings, skilled national industry and national marketing system.
  • To make people aware of their rights and duties.
  • To launch broadcasting campaign for the spiritual awareness of the origin of world peace.
  • To launch poverty alleviation programme.


Station Information

Radio Lumbini can be heard at 96.8 MHz. The station of this radio is situated at Manigram in Rupandehi District. Manigram, the dwelling place of radio station is 8 km south from industrial, historical, educational and commercial city, Butwal and 13km north to Bhairahawa, the district headquarter of Rupandehi. Manigram lies to the centre of the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha, lumbini and his maternal place Devdaha.

This radio can be heard at every part of Rupandehi, Nawalparasi and Kapilvastu some parts of Kapilvastu, Palpa, Arghakhanchi and Gulmi districts.

Programs Scope

It is quite challenging lob for the Radio Lumbini to launch programs for the people living in rural, urban and suburban area in a balanced way Radio Lumbini has determined to face all these challenges. The policy of this radio is to broadcast educational, 1 Information and recreational Programs and other Programs like history of this area, traditions, dialects, literature, art, religion and cultural values which accord to its objectives.

Priorities are given on informational, educational and recreational activities while broadcasting the programs of this radio.

Although the main objectives of this radio are to give priority to the local subjects and areas, the curiosity, interest and concern of local people in national and International subjects are also included as the informational subjects of this radio. Within this field, national and international incidents, changes, novel investigations of Science and Technology, the subjects of success and failures and other fascinating references of artifact, culture and education have been tried to include and this process will continue further.

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